5 signs your relationship is over

  1. He texts to say he can't hang out because he needs to do his laundry
  2. He invites you to gay trivia night and knows all the answers
  3. You find the mix cd you made him in the backseat of his car...on the floor
  4. He knows what "social cards" are and orders a box of 250
  5. He doesn't think Seinfeld is a funny show



Had a blast on our staff whitewater trip yesterday!  Thanks to our awesome guide, Sandy from Blue Heron Whitewater, no one fell out of the raft and there were smiles all around.  Hayley and I were the guests of honor (it was our goodbye trip) so we got to sit up front and get soaked.

The trip was a great reminder that what we do everyday at RiverLink is important and necessary.  It wasn't too long ago that no one wanted to get anywhere near the French Broad because it was so polluted-- now there are at least 5 outfitters making a living off rafting it!



Standing on a shrimp boat at the Atlanta Aquarium
Sorry for the delay---twas on a road trip with my best friend, Andrea Medaas!  Together we traveled the height of America* (Georgia--> N.Carolina--> Pennsylvania--> New York--> Ontario--> Ohio). 

We drove a total of 1900 miles last week!  It was pretty exhausting but definitely worth it. Along the way we: gained atleast 10 pounds, lost a friend (matt from texas ran away from us in the distillery district), hung out with a crazy brit, and saw baby belugas.

Andrea is now in Chicago and I'm back in NC for my last month of RiverLink.  It's always sad to say goodbye, but thinking about how we'll be driving through Italy in 2013 makes it a little easier.

*In order for this statement to be true, I've taken the liberty of substituting Florida with Ontario.